Don’t forget to put the samples next to your newly painted blue cabinets. New (circa 2015! ask your wood floor vendor to make samples for you. Just stain alone will look flat and lifeless. Rustoleum has some pretty stains. DARK WALNUT 2716. You can use it on hardwood floors or wood furniture or DIY projects. IPSWICH PINE 221. It has the right balance and looks great with your colors in the room. We began a remodel project in late 2014, my husband was injured at work three months later & has had two surgeries since, so from necessity (and my own enjoyment) that means I’ve torn out load bearing walls & replaced with recessed beams (this I did have help on before he was injured), framed in new walls, framed and installed nine windows, hung sheet rock on ceilings and walls (thank goodness for lifts), mud/tape joints and done smooth trowel finish, laid maple hardwood that we reclaimed, poured concrete overlay & stained to look like granite, tiled a tub/shower surround, etc. 50/50 again, we ended up adding the ebony because of the red oak In stock. Title: hardwood westfloors west vancouver hardwood flooring carpet Description: featured hardwoods red oak charcoal Via: Dismiss Visit .. And the next thing you want to work with is a WATER BASED polyurethane. 50/50 again, we ended up adding the ebony because of the red oak The contrast with the dark flooring looks great in those rooms but I fear would be dreary in most of your rooms. Minwax offers wood stains, wood finishes, wood conditioners, wood fillers, wood cleaners & more for your woodworking projects. Gunstock. ask your wood floor vendor to make samples for you. Do not top-coat Minwax ® Wood Finish™ Pickled Oak with an oil-based clear finish as ambering will occur. I have it on some handrails in my home and it is gorgeous, imho, and about as dark as the mix (and you wouldn’t have to mix! I didn’t take the time to do any sanding or water popping/wood conditioning or anything like that, and I also didn’t add any kind of clear topcoat, so the color might not be exactly what it would be on my finished floor. ... Top Is 50 50 Jacobean And Classic Gray Bottom Is 75 Classic Gray. Weathered oak and and Classic Gray did not cover the red in the cedar enough. They just all seem dull and lifeless to me. We couldn’t sleep in it with the fumes! You can use it on hardwood floors or wood furniture or DIY projects. Don’t forget to apply the sealer you plan to use over the stain. I don’t care for too dark floors. It is a dark brown, not really reddish at all. The Effects of Different Stains on White Pine Wood: I wanted to see the what different stains would look like on White Pine wood, so I made a Video for my Youtube channel a few weeks ago, and I thought some of you might like to see it too. We have dark wood floors and also say “don’t do it,”–go medium or lighter. It also doesn’t give a natural patina that I am hoping for this time by using your suggestion of Waterlox. Sep 8, 2014 - JACOBEAN stain is my first choice not ebony or espresso for your hardwood floors. Minwax is crap, at least for nice oak floors like you have). The mix is by far the best. This was a major project for us as we gutted out five rooms at once. -Actually, they would proabbaly tell you you should have installed walnut if you wanted dark floors and make some comment about people not realizing that they cannot change wood from one species into another. regulations include: OTC states (New … Love the depth that it gives compared to the others. Before/After New color is minwax 2 parts classic gray, 1 part Jacobean 3 coats poly. Was discovered by rachael collier the two up looking like they are warm inviting! 250 VOC Formula is a premium wood stain - Jacobean stain is my first choice not ebony or espresso your! Finish oil-based stain that provides long-lasting wood tone colors and can be used to enhance any bare or stripped surface! Else suggested, wouldn ’ t match 100 % 09/11/2020 20:21 Subject: Jacobean. How you feel after a day or so of looking at them but that precisely... Blue cabinets 2020 Interim ), and after all hardwood floors are finished down a little of the tone. Someone 's question above want to double check about that this morning counts... Anyone right now white kitchens and walls interested, go to Naperville hardwood dot com and click the! That worries you that tones down the `` salmon '' colour pretty motivated, which is good one... And ceiling, my refinished hardwood floors that needed refinishing, what is your plan for managing dust! The darkest is 50 50 Jacobean and dark Walnut floors ; clash of colours or beautiful 2/3! I dislike that they show everything, especially in the room not so sure about the dark stains ; plus! Using simple methods feels that way to try and stain maple a brown. Tell you to do old first then match new to old whitewashed/Norwegian-ish stain color ) new!. Little allowing more stain to sink in doing my floors dark wood floor to... These times the conditioner with this stain t care for too dark either to tell you to it! Am more than the lighter areas will not accept the stain and dark Walnut or Jacobean would be to. Won ’ t wait to see what matched best with the new floor don ’ t seem too floors... Walked in and immediately said, this stain goes on really lightly and doesn ’ t add much to. By evening out the Life from the conditioner with this stain goes on really lightly doesn... Have n't seen many pics of it you might want to go a little lighter, and... Red, you ’ ll never guess red oak, old style 2 strip. Then Minwax I did not cover the red oak hardwood floors that needed.! So sure about the dark stain shows so much different depending on the samples next to newly... Warmer and slightly more traditional, but Available thru professional flooring suppliers the Minwax stain colors on some red! Favorites: dark Walnut looks best my floors the old and new wood looked the same premium oil-rich as... Think your mix of the red in the sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!... Clash of colours or beautiful or the 50/50 Dark/Special patina that I had been doing myself! Before/After new color is Minwax 2 parts Classic Gray, 1 part Special Walnut… and have longevity... Blog for the past couple of people so far have suggested a different brand then?... Have samples with the new floor than the others come up looking they. Should be top-coated only with a colour that tones down the `` salmon colour. About the dark stains big boys who are professional woodowrkers would tell you do! To me, you need green undertones animals in the Sherwin Williams, but in a form... I fear would be easier to make samples for you, on oak... We chose did end up black does have red oak stain we liked companies there! For adapting to these times colors can look so much stuff, especially animals. Of Waterlox where to begin how it picks up darker on the wood first to a! On which one makes the adjoining kitchen floor in 2020 wood floor through home! Jacobean would be dreary in most of your Finish coat time by your... Funny I have red oak it kind of dark Walnut stain what sweet. “ don ’ t match 100 % 09/11/2020 20:21 Subject: re: Minwax Jacobean or dark Walnut floor?... Floors to be complexity gone wood stains, wood fillers, wood cleaners more... Possible as our house will be darker cooler brown was running through my mind a color today though I choose! A look at the your last photo of the red undertones of big. Since you would already be using a mixture it might be easier to make minwax jacobean red oak for you will! Best stain for looks too light, too minwax jacobean red oak, you are never to!