Each pot will use 8 to 10 plant stems. This Covid-19 pandemic has put a lot of things on hold....we hesitate to have the painters come in to paint our homes, we aren’t shopping so much, we aren’t entertaining. My coloring is meadow and flowers in low contrast. Water the new starter pot when you see it is dry. This plant has tendrils (tiny roots at the base of leaves that are on the stem). I did a search on the forum for discussions on it, but didn't see any consensus on the best way to propagate it. A saucer and pot combination is ideal. Dans cet usage, … This works because the starter plant is actually growing from the original mother plant and no cutting has taken place. Dependable color and texture looks great all season. ll Dichondra 'Silver Falls' en ligne sur Ma Petite Jardinerie Livraison Rapide En Stock Satisfaction client 100% ! Use fresh potting soil. (Someone had to hold the door open as he went through and someone else pulled from the other side. I now have 12 containers with Silver Falls used as a trailer. Would I buy their cabinets? Maintenez le substrat humide et à une température de 22 à 24 °c. Using dark green or black 4" pots makes the starter plants "sorta" blend in with your other plants. We improved the situation by taking out the stupid wire builder's shelf and stacking the w/d. If the foliage gets wet before it is rooted, the foliage tends to rot. Dichondra argentea is a light silver leaved accent plant. I have taken cuttings and they do well, but one must watch out for stem rot, and botrytis in the foliage if allowed to mat up and stay damp. Dichondra «Silver Falls» : une cascade de petites feuilles argentées Idéal pour les cascades de fleurs le Dichondra «Silver Falls» vous étonnera par sa croissance rapide et vigoureuse. You will use cut paper clips to hold the stems of the plant down in the pot. If you keep them Indoors – make sure you use a house plant rich, but light soil with good drainage. This propagation method works for warmer climate areas where you do not get a winter frost. We are always doing stuff like that. The school has a small budget and they also rent the building. Deer shun this shrub, but it's a